Our vacations in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua was the destination of our first winter vacations this year (December 2013). Here we celebrated two family events, Bernd and Jola's 30th wedding anniversary and Monica's birthday. All four members of our family vacationed together again after a while. Antigua was the first English settlement in the Caribbean, with English Harbour sheltering Britain's Caribbean fleet. Thus, Antigua is rich in history to be explored by inquisitive tourists. Our vacation base was near St. John's, the Capital of Antigua, from where we crossed the island by car and circumnavigated it by boat, stopping at some of the 365 beaches for a refreshing swim, snorkeling the coastal reefs and swimming with the stingrays. We took a boat tour to Barbuda, the sister island of Antigua, to enjoy its secluded white and pink powdery beaches and crystal clear turquoise water for a day.

Coconut Beach Club

Our resort was located at Yepton beach, not far from St. John's. We enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of the small resort in a lush tropical setting, the closeness of the beach just steps away from our rooms, the excellent and varied food and drinks, and the activities offered by the resort.

Arriving at Coconut Beach Club ..... and taking the walkway to our accommodations
From our rooms we step right onto Yepton beach
The view from our rooms
[Coconut Beach_03]
Sandy Yepton beach
Being lazy in the sun
Jola and Monica enjoy the warm Caribbean water
Our winners of the scavenger hunt receive their prize
- a bottle of Antiguan rum of course
Monica's birthday dinner
Monica and Michael play cricket with the locals
Monica and Michael ziplining Antigua's rainforest

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