Our vacations in Brazil

After half a year of planning, we decided to travel to South America for an unforgettable adventure (February 2010). We chose Brazil as one of the countries to visit, and Chile as the other one. Whereas Brazil is probably the most developed country in South America with a vast land area with tropical to sub-tropical climate bordering the Atlantic coast, Chile is a resource-rich country occupying a long narrow stretch at the Pacific coast and featuring desert-type to near arctic climate zones.
We enjoyed our trips and the hot climate of South America thoroughly, and it certainly was an interesting adventure - in fact, too interesting when we were caught in the midst of the big earthquake in Chile in February 2010. But more about this in the web pages about Chile.

So Paulo

After a 10-hour overnight flight from Toronto we arrived in the capital So Paulo, our first stop in Brazil. While not a celebrated tourist site, this 15 Million metropolitan city has an interesting mix of colonial-style and modern avantgardistic buildings. And it is the ideal base from where we could catch a plane and visit more interesting places in Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro and the majestic Iguassu Water Falls.

Two of Brazilians' celebrated activities are soccer and the carnival with Samba floats
The main business centre along Avenue Paulista
So Paulo Cathedral at the Plaza des Armas
The architecture in So Paulo is a mix of old and new.
Along Avenue Paulista, colonial-time villas still stand
next to modern high-rise buildings.

So Paulo exhibits a large number of modern buildings,
many by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Modern museum complex set in a tropical garden
Jola strolls through the outdoor exhibit of the Museum
of Modern Art
The Latin American Congress building
Ibirapuera Auditorium by Oscar Niemeyer

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