Our vacations in Chile

Our next travel destination after Brazil was Chile (February/March 2010). A 4-hour flight took us from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of South America. We had our touristic trips in Chile carefully planned, traveling first to the South and then visit Easter Island. But it turned out quite differently! After 3 days in Santiago de Chile, the big earthquake of February 2010 interrupted our travels abruptly and played havoc with our travel agenda. Fortunately, we did not get hurt in the earthquake. After a short period of recovery we decided to stay in Chile and make the best of the situation and of our remaining vacations.


Our first stop in Chile was the capital Santiago. This was the centre from where we had planned to take several trips to the Southern Lake District and to Easter Island. All of these trips were suddenly cancelled, so we stayed a bit longer in Santiago, then turned to Chile's Northern region where roads were still passable.

Flight over the Andes, with the snowcapped 6962m
high Aconcagua mountain in the background
A view of the metropolitan city of Santiago
A cable car took us to the top of San Cristobal Hill where the Metropolitan Park is located, and where the
statue of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception rises above Santiago.
Jola and Bernd admiring the view of Santiago from San Cristobal hill
A taste of Germany in the Metropolitan Park

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