Our vacations in Iceland

A long planned vacation became reality by the end of Summer 2014, a visit to Iceland. After a short trip to Central Europe, we traveled to Iceland, where our kids joined us in Reykjavic flying in from Canada. Our family was complete again and we spent 10 unforgettable days in this fairy-tale northern country. Apart from sightseeing around Reykjavic, we visited majestic waterfalls, hot springs and geysirs, and relaxed in geothermal lagoons and pools. We also explored the uninhabitated interior of Iceland, and the kids went on an adventuras two-day hike through the snow-covered mountains where the volcano Eyjafjallajökul is located, whose eruption in 2010 shut down much of Europe's air space for a week. As one of the highlights of our trip all of us participated in two events of the Reykjavic Marathon. As we left Iceland we experienced the eruption of another volcano, Bardarbunga, which after 6 months is still ongoing.


Reykjavic, the Capital of Iceland, is the nothernmost capital city in the world. Its population is about one third of the 330,000 inhabitants of Iceland. The city is a charming mix of ancient Scandinavian-type houses and ultra modern buildings. This mix can also be seen in its population, from quirky viking types over artists to stiff business people. We rented an apartment perfectly located in walking distance from the city center near the lagoon, from where we could explore the city by foot many times. Reykjavic is an expensive place, but its unique vistas and atmosphere, interesting museums of Viking culture and delicious northern food make this a worthwhile visit.

A view of Reykjavic
Around the lagoon in the city centre
Shops and restaurants along Laugavegur street
Scandinavian houses in busy downtown
Futuristic Hallgrimur church, with a sculpture of
Leif Erikson, the discoverer of North America
Ultra-modern Perlan, landmark and storage tank of
hot geothermal water for the city
Sculpture along the banks of the lagoon
An Icelandic troll
Warming up on geothermal pillars in a downtown plaza
Delicious northern food
Fireworks complete the day of the Reykjavic Marathon

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