Our vacations on Isle-de-la-Madeleine

To get away from our daily chores for a while, we decided to take a one-week vacation on an island very little known to tourists, way out in the Atlantic ocean somewhere between Anticosti island and Newfoundland. Isle-de-la-Madeleine is a paradise of long, white sandy beaches and dunes, about 220 km in all. Few paved roads exist and to get around we took our bicycles along, for exercise and fun. Lucky us, we had a week of sunshine, swimming, sunbathing, sea-kayaking, good food and a well-deserved rest. [Map]

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With the bikes strapped to the car, we are waiting impatiently for the ferry to the island
Michael is enjoying the 5 hour cruise
[] Finally we arrived at Cap-de-Meule in the evening, our home for the week to come
The next day we spent at the popular beach near Havre-d'Auberge
The annual sandcastle competition was underway with incredible creations - this was my number one

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