Our vacations in St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Anguilla and Saba

Our Winter vacations (March 2012) took us to France, Holland and Great Britain - but not in the cold climate of Europe but in the warmth of the tropical Caribbean. We visited the islands of St. Martin/Sint Maarten (France/Holland), Anguilla (Great Britain) and Saba (Holland). Our base was located in St. Martin, the French part of this island, from where we took land trips to the Dutch part Sint Maarten, and boat tours to the neighboring islands of Anguilla and Saba. It was an interesting and enjoyable vacation time with European flair: the cleanliness of the Dutch, the laid-back manner of the English and the excellent dining of the French. And we had to bring Euros to the Eurozone to get the best deals.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten

St. Martin/Sint Maarten is a small island shared by two nations, France and Holland. Our resort was located at the beach of Baie Orient in the French part of the island. Traveling around the island by taxi or car is easy as there is no border stop needed between the French and the Dutch parts, and only a few roads exist so getting lost is unlikely. The Dutch part is more touristy and busy, with Casinos and nightlife, whereas the French part offers a more relaxed environment with plenty of excellent spots to wine and dine.

The Alamanda resort at Baie Orient, our home for 2 weeks, is located at the most visited beach of the island
Along the busy beach at Baie Orient
Plenty of activities are available at the beach for the young and restless
Parasailing is a popular sport at Baie Orient
Jola is relaxing with a tropical drink in one of many beach bars
The weekly night festival at the Baie Orient village attracts tourists for shopping and dining
Colorful handicrafts are for sale
A Caribbean seafood feast

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