Our vacations in Costa Rica

Canadians love to go to Florida to escape the cold and snow for a while, but we were looking for a far more exotic and adventurous destination. So we decided to go to Costa Rica (December 1995) to enjoy the beaches, visit tropical forests and bath in the hot springs right next to an active volcano. We were not disappointed in Costa Rica which caters to tourists with a surprisingly well-developed professionalism and good standards.
Costa Rica is located between Nicaragua and Panama at the narrowest part of Central America. Although a mountainous country covered by active volcanos and rain forests, it also has beautiful beaches along its two coast lines. Costa Rica is bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and by the Pacific Ocean, where our cabin at the Punta Leona resort was located.

Downtown San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica
The tourist centre in San Jose
The street market in San Jose has everthing the heart desires

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