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[Gym Score Assistant] [GymSlaveCE] If you are involved in Gymnastics Scoring, here is the latest version of my Gym Scoring Assistant program. This program allows scores entry, either at a single PC computer (Win98/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8) or via wired or wirelessly networked PC computers at every apparatus site, running the Gym Scoring Slave program. Starting Values and scores, or FIG A and B scores, are entered in real-time and can be displayed on electronic display panels, such as the Gym Scoring Display or a commercial Pro-Lite Message Display (TM), during the competition, during the award ceremony, or off-line at any time, even over the Internet. The scores entry process is facilitated by bar code reading from the scoring chits. On-the-fly rankings of athletes and teams can be viewed at any time during a competition. There is even a WinCE test version of the Gym Scoring Slave available, called GymSlave Pocket, that allows scoring on a Pocket PC, such as a Compaq iPAQ or HP Jornada (WinCE3, PC2002, PC2003), in a wireless network environment.

[ReportByAthletes] [SelectTeams] Many management tasks related to competition scoring are automated. Participating athletes are entered by clubs and levels, team memberships can be specified and apparatus rotations with athlete passage orders and with judges duties can be assigned. Customized scoring chits with bar codes, scoring summary sheets, program inserts and athlete ID numbers can be printed prior to a competition. Many report formats for results, by apparatus or athletes, individual or overall, are available for coaches and for individual or team award ceremonies, and athletes Take Home score slips can be printed when the competition is completed. Customizable certificate reports generate sets of certificates for an entire meet on pre-printed award forms. Both imperial (letter and legal) and ISO A4 paper formats are supported. Even WWW-compatible HTML competition result pages can be generated and uploaded from the gym floor for immediate results publication on the Internet.

Several Setup Wizards make it easy, particularly for novice users, to set up a new competition, meet management infrastructure and remote operation for remote score entry from Slave stations and remote score display on display units.

[GymDisplay] For a first idea of what the Gym Scoring Assistant program suite is all about, you might want to download and read the latest Readme text file or an older User Manual. This program suite was developed by a parent of two kids in Artistic Gymnastics, initially for our parent-run club. These programs are really never finished, but are in continuous development whenever time permits, and updates will be made available for downloading at irregular intervals. Many of the ideas for updates come from others who also use these programs in their Gymnastics clubs, by now around the world.


Click on the images to enlarge them and see more screen and print samples.

The latest program versions 3.xx of the Gym Scoring Assistant and Gym Scoring Slave are now available, which support the new FIG scoring system (A-Score for difficulty and technical content, B-Score for execution including a neutral deduction), in addition to all of the previously available scoring methods. A total of 50 more scoring methods have been added for the new FIG scoring system, both for judges' entries of B-scores out of 10 (called e.g. 'DiffAvgOf6DropHiLoDed'), and for judges' entries of the deductions only (called e.g. 'AandBof6DropHiLoDed').

Alternatively, the FIG scoring system can be accommodated by the Gym Scoring Assistant V2.97 and older, by using the available scoring methods along with a modified Start Value. Select any of the available scoring methods that use Reduction of the Startvalue by the averages of judges deductions, e.g. 'RedSvByAvgOf6DropHiLoDed'). Enter the A-score plus 10 (Difficulty+10) in the Start Value Entry window. Then enter the judges deductions (from 10) along with a common deduction in the Score Entry window. The Gym Scoring Assistant will correctly calculate the total gymnast score per apparatus. Make sure that the allowable range of scores is set to 0...20 and for deductions to -10...10 in the General Preferences (default is 0...10 and -10...10, respectively). This work-around works for both the Gym Scoring Assistant and the Gym Scoring Slave in a networked environment.

Version 2.98g and later of the Gym Scoring Assistant have some rudimentary features for use with Rhythmic Gymnastics meets. Five new apparatus (Ribbon, Rope, Hoop, Ball and Clubs) and their respective icons are included. This is a first attempt to support Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions, which now have a similar scoring system to the new FIG scoring system for Artistic Gymnastics. Feedback is welcome from anyone trying it.

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Download Section

The Gym Scoring Assistant program suite is free of charge and for everyone to use on as many computers as they want. The only request that I have is that you register the programs so I know who is using them. None of the downloadable program versions have a time expiry, and all are fully functional. By registering your program, you will receive priority in helping with operational issues and program updates and fixes. You will need to read and agree to the disclaimer and policies for use when you run any of the programs for the first time.

Please note: Starting with Version 3.20c, all programs are fully functional even without registration.

PLEASE NOTE (July 2014): Our email address has changed to: XXmailATbjkurzXX.com (remove the XX and replace the AT by an @ sign.
Our fax number is no longer available. If you need to send a registration form, attach it to an email to the above address.

ReadMe file (13 July 2010) User Manual (2.1MB, 11 March 2000)
Current to V2.34 of the Gym Scoring Assistant program
How to run the Gym Scoring Program Suite under Wimdows 7/Windows 8 (tm)
First-Time Installation Packages - see Sect 1.1 of the ReadMe file
Gym Scoring Assistant program V3.20c
(4.9 MB, 32-bit Win98/NT/2000/XP/Vista)
Short User Guide to Certificates
Short User Guide to Bar Code Assisted Score Entry
Gym Scoring Slave program V3.20a
(3.0 MB, 32-bit Win98/NT/2000/XP?Vista)
Requires GymScoring Assistant V2.98e or later.
Short User Manual
Gym Scoring Display program V1.10
(2.2 MB, 32-bit Win98/NT/2000/XP/Vista)
Needs Gym Scoring Assistant/Slave V2.90 or later.
Short User Manual
GymSlave Pocket program V1.04
(600 kB, ARM 1100, WinCE, PC2002, PC2003)
Trial version with limited features. Requires Gym
Scoring Assistant V2.98e or later. Does not
support new FIG scoring system yet.
How to run GymSlave Pocket on PC2003
Upgrade Packages - see Sect 1.2 of the ReadMe file
Gym Scoring Assistant program V3.20c
(2.7 MB, 32-bit Win98/NT/2000/XP/Vista)
Gym Scoring Slave program V3.20a
(900 kB, 32-bit Win98/NT/2000/XP?Vista)
Previous Program Versions
Gym Scoring Assistant program V3.20a
Gym Scoring Assistant program V3.10
Gym Scoring Slave program V3.00
Gym Scoring Slave program V2.96. Requires GymScoring Assistant V2.98d or earlier.
GymSlave Pocket program V1.03. Requires GymScoring Assistant V2.98d or earlier.
Special Downloads

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