Our vacations in Honduras

To escape from the snow and cold for a while, we decided to spend Christmas time in warmer climates (December 2006). We chose a destination away from the beaten tourist paths with the hope to see new and interesting places, have some relaxing time and have lots of space at the beach. We got all this near La Ceiba in Honduras. But, it does take some sense of adventure and flexibility to adapt to the developing professionalism of tourism in Honduras.
Honduras is nestled between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua in Central America. Although a mountainous country covered by rain forests and cloud forests, it also has beautiful beaches in a tropical setting. Most of Honduras's coastline borders the Carribean Sea where our two villas of the Palma Real resort were located.

A view along the main street of La Ceiba
Tropical vegetation in one of the
parks in La Ceiba
The giant Ceiba tree gave the city its name
A touch of Christmas time in one of the big malls in La Ceiba.
It's time for shopping ...

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